Difference between taped diaper and diaper pants


Diapers are probably the very first few things that you would have to stock up in your home as soon as your baby arrives home!


Like most products, diapers have evolved over the years, resulting in the disposable diaper we have today. Today diapers can hold a lot of liquid and come in different designs to suit the many needs of growing babies and demanding parents. However, the feature of how much liquid can a diaper hold remains of utmost importance to parents Understanding how the disposable diaper has developed, how it is designed, and how superabsorbent polymers work, will provide parents with the information they need to choose the best diaper for their child.

How to chooseNo one wants a wet diaper, neither child nor parent! A good diaper must be highly absorbent and should fit the baby in a snug and comfortable manner. Most importantly, it must suit your baby's delicate skin and not irritate their skin or cause painful rashes as these can make your child irritable and also disrupt their sleep and play.

There are two types of diapers

When it comes to picking the right kind of diaper for your baby, you might get confused between the taped diapers and pant style diapers While taped diapers are meant for new-borns pant style diapers are preferable for toddlers or crawlers.

Taped diapers give a better fit, are easy to put on, remove and dispose of when the baby is not very active or independently mobile. Parents can adjust the level of snugness of the diaper to suit their child as the length of the tape around can be adjusted to their liking. Moreover, taped diapers do not cause skin rashes or red marks on the belly of the infant.

Pant style diapers are easy to put on and remove for more active kids. Diaper pants are recommended for babies above 6 months as by then babies become active, they can start to crawl and can become fidgety while you are making them wear or change their diaper.

Taped Diapers vs. Diaper Pants

  1. Design:

    Taped diapers: These are thicker and more cushiony and need to be draped on the baby while keeping the baby in the sleeping position i.e. on its back. These diapers have adhesive strips on the front and back that allow them to be secured to the child’s waist and legs. This type of diaper is more useful for a baby who is less active and is usually sleeping on the back most of the time (from 0 to 6 months).

    Once the diaper is soiled by the baby, parents have to peel off the end of the tape and remove the diaper.

    Diaper Pants: These are made of absorbent material much the same as taped diapers but instead of an adhesive tape these can be worn by the baby like an underpant, brief or underwear. It has stretchable elastic bands for the waist and thigh area, making it easy to put on and remove. Additionally it has some amount of absorbent material so that in case of extra movement, the baby does not get too dirty.

    Once this diaper is soiled the diaper can be ripped from the side of the waist and the diaper can be disposed of.

  2. Comfort:

    How old the baby is and how active they are will influence their comfort level in the type of the diapers. An active baby will not be comfortable in taped diapers as they will be able to peel off the adhesive tape and undo the diaper.

    Some parents and children find that taped diapers are more comfortable than diaper pants, as they do not have to be pulled up and down and do not have any seams or edges that can cause irritation. However, every child's experience with diapers is different, and what is comfortable for one child may not be comfortable for another.

    Consider The Following When You Choose:

    Style: For a baby who is more active, is able to sit on its own and is making attempts to crawl and move, it will be better to switch to diaper pants and gradually start potty training

    Absorbency: We need to choose brands that assure high absorbency. The different kinds and quantities of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) used have an effect on how absorbent and effective the diaper will be. According to a study the plant based SAP absorbe the most as compared to petroleum based SAP.

    Ease of use: Taped diapers are generally easier to use than diaper pants when the baby is small, as they can be quickly and easily secured to the child's waist and legs. Diaper pants are good for children who will not like to stay still Price: Taped diapers and diaper pants can vary significantly in price, depending on the brand and size. In general, diaper pants tend to be more expensive than taped diapers due to their added convenience and functionality.

    Advice for First-time Users

    Rather than switching to diaper pants entirely, it might be good for you to use both Taped and Pant diapers together for a while. For example, Pant diapers can be used in the day when the baby is moving actively and taped diapers can be used at night when the baby is sleeping. Eventually, the choice of which type of diapers will work best for your baby can only be taken by the person who knows his/her baby the best – THAT IS YOU!

Parents Review:

“I started off with taped or normal one and then moved to pant style. In terms of choosing the right kind of diaper, the best way to figure out is to experiment. Buy small packs of pant style and normal ones and try them. Suggesting this because as my friend said, each baby is different. So what we tried for our babies might not be comfortable for your baby n vice versa.” ………………………..Ankita (lecturer)

“I used pampers regular diapers for my son during night alone from first month. It suited him good till he started crawling. Once he started to crawl it became difficult for me to make him wear diaper. He considers wearing diaper as a game and crawls all over the bed expecting me to catch him. So switched over to pant style diaper now.”……..Shivani (IT Professional)


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