Encouraging Positive Behaviour in Kids


I must admit there is a lot of negativity around us. Our day starts with the mad rush in the morning when I am yelling-“Hurry up, you will miss the bus!” or ending the day saying “Head to bed or you won’t be able to get up in the morning.”
I have recently noticed there are so many nos, can’ts, won’ts, shouldn’ts in our lives and that’s what our kids are learning from us.

Encouraging positive kids’ behaviour then becomes an utmost priority and here is how:
Focus on the ‘good’- The next time you see your child demonstrating honesty (by telling the truth) or kindness (by the way they talk), take them aside and offer a sincere compliment. It is not easy to find such traits, that too in young children.

Talk positive yourself- Kids gets intimated very quickly when they see their parents in distress. That’s not the model approach. Stay positive as a habit, and keep offering them solutions to their small little problems.
Appreciate them when they fail- Failure is a part of the learning process. Encouraging them especially after they fail will restore their faith in their own efforts.

Respect people around- Show your kids the respect that you expect them to give others. Simple! When you see a toddler throwing tantrums, that’s when they need to be calmly handled. They will see how you respected them without scolding them, which will make them reciprocate that sooner than later!

Treat them as adults- Once in a while, treat them as adults. Talk to them; take their feedback as if they are your age. This will inculcate confidence and positivity in them.

Help them choose and fight their battles- Stop intervening in the sibling squabble, or the next time you see your child having an argument with another kid. Let them fight their own battles. Guide them later on how to tackle such situations.

Start early: Infant tantrums are a normal thing and while dealing with this issue, you must remember to keep yourself calm. If your baby starts throwing a tantrum, such as screaming or hitting themselves on the chest area until they get their way, you must also ensure that the baby is safe and is not hurting her/himself. Keep talking to them in a soothing tone until they calm down. If nothing works and if you are able to hold the baby, you should go ahead and sit on a floor where they can’t hurt themselves with the baby on your lap and rub their back.

Encouraging positivity goes a long way as life has just started and it isn’t smooth for any of us. So keep pepping them up.

There are days when I find no particular reason to appreciate my son; when he is cranky, extra naughty and just overly hyperactive. And that’s when I tell him- Thank you for being you. And he just smiles!


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