Features and Review of Graco Stroller


Going on strolls with your baby is a joy. Graco produces easy-to-use strollers so that every parent can handle it with great ease and comfort and spend time with their babies and create countless memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

    1. Material: The stroller is extra soft and cushiony to let your baby sleep peacefully while you are talking a walk. It has a big foldable canopy to protect your baby's soft and fragile body from the harsh rays of the sunlight. It can be folded to two different angles: the first fold is useful when it is a pleasant day and the second, wider fold, for hot and sunny days.
    2. Weight: Even though the pram is light weight, it can carry up to thirty-five pounds of weight or a baby who is around one and a half years old. The weight of the pram itself is only 20 pounds, which facilitates effortless handling.
    3. Safety and handling: The stroller has a three- or five-point harness for your baby's safety which you can use at each stage as your child grows up and the wheels have swivel locks to prevent the stroll from sudden movements.

  1. Adjustable: Graco strollers can be adjusted into two positions, sleeping and sitting positions, according to your baby’s needs. Being lightweight, it can be folded and kept in the back of your car easily if you go on a family trip. It also has a detachable food tray on which you can feed your baby with no troubles at all.
  2. Storage: Graco strollers have an extra large drop-down storage basket to keep your baby’s necessities like diapers and water bottles. It also has two cup holders for parents. This foldable stroller can easily be stored and taken out when required with no trouble and takes up very little space in the room.
  3. Colour and price range: Graco strollers come in different, vibrant colours, designs and features. The pram is up for grabs for prices ranging from ₹6000 to ₹8000.

The compact and user friendly Graco stroller is specially designed for families that go for frequent road trips. It is light weight and easily portable. It can be carried wherever you go and easily fits at the back of a car. So, if you are looking for an easily usable strollers, this is the one for you.


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