Features of a Microwave Sterilizer


Babies are like antidepressants; you really have to strive hard to be in foul mood around them. And we know that you do not want to see your antidepressant suffering from any infection. To avoid any unpleasant situation we as parents should be extra cautious. The most important way to keep your baby safe is sterilization of the bottles with which you feed them. 

Gone are the days when mothers use to sterilize bottles and accessories in boiling water over the cook-top. Now everyone wants convenience and comfort given that most of the mothers are working nowadays. Hence, microwave sterilizers have gained popularity.

A microwave sterilizer does not require any chemicals or rinsing for cleaning and killing the bacteria. It uses heat from the steam to kill them. But before investing in a microwave sterilizer, ensure it has the following features:

  1. Spacious: The sterilizer should have enough space for few bottles of different kinds, nipples, pacifiers, kits, feeding bowls, etc.
  1. Portable: The sterilizer should be compact and portable to carry while travelling. Also check if the sterilizer you plan to buy fits in any microwave you own.
  1. Quick: It should have fast and efficient sterilization. Also check if the bottles and other items remain sterile if unopened and till what time the bottles can be stored in the sterilizer.
  1. Safety grip: The microwave sterilizer should have a safety grip so that you do not burn your hands while taking it out of the microwave. The safety grip should be sturdy enough to sustain the weight inside.
  1. Design: It should be ergonomically designed. This will not only save the space on the shelf but will also be easy to clean. Also it should have a lock tab to prevent accidental fall.
  1. Add-on feature: Everyone looks for something extra. Few sterilizers in the market have the add-on feature of drying. Some may have a feature of sounding a beep when the sterilization is complete.
  1. BPA free: Only having the feeding bottle BPA free is not enough; the sterilizer too should be BPA free. It will ensure that on heating no harmful chemicals will get into the sterilized bottles, crockery and other items.

These are few important features you should check while picking up a microwave sterilizer. Every safe choice we make is an investment.  It certainly allows us to spend more and more quality time with our bundle of joy and keeps him/her away from unwanted infections.


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