Foods for Pregnancy


Are you having a baby? Are you constantly advised and reminded by people around you to eat healthy? While we all know there is a need for an iron-protein-calcium rich diet in the times of pregnancy, I pick out a few of my favorites which I relished while I was pregnant:
Jaggery: is a superb iron supplement. It surely helps you in dealing with iron deficiencies and anemia. Have small portions of ‘gudd’ with your meals next time you crave for something sweet.

Walnuts: I would skip the clichéd “that walnut contains Omega 3 fatty acids” and just say- this kind of dry fruits to boost up activities of the brain cells. Have a handful of walnuts with your favorite nuts every morning.

Dates- Okay, so a hunger craving every 2 hours either applies to a new born baby or a pregnant lady. Dates are full of fibre leading to a full stomach without adding any unnecessary weight gain. Rich source of folate another required supplement is a must-have.

Fish/Salmon- I miss having the vital nutrients that the sea-food offers. Sadly, I am allergic to the sea-food. But I am aware salmon is rich in Vitamin B12 and Calcium, which is needed throughout the pregnancy. You can also add Trout, Oysters, prawns if you are a sea-food fan.

Milk Products: Besides the usual twice a day milk regime, extend your protein intake by adding yogurt, cheese and desi ghee with your meals.

Sweet potato- The digestive system just goes for a toss with the extra intake of iron and iron supplements which leads to constipation. A sweet potato another-rich source of diet along with other vitamins like B6, C & potassium, deals with these agonies. Have a bowl of sweet potato sprinkled with a bit of lime juice.

Broccoli- Another iron supplement. But use creative ways to spice up this mundane vegetable. Broccoli soups with cream, broccoli sautéed in butter are two of my personal favorites.

Fluids- Ranging from coconut water to lassi or even freshly grinded fruit juices are the perfect way to fill up the hunger cravings and also add to the fluid intake.

It is only this time to have the best of foods to ensure that your body is healthy as well it prepares you for the most fantastic time that is beckoning.


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