Fun Activities to Do with Your Child This Holiday Season

Fun activities to do with your child this holiday| Mumpa

Summer is here and the kids are out of school. It's vacation time, time to relax, have fun and be lazy. But vacations are also long and the greatest fear of parents is to hear the dreaded words, “ I am bored.” As soon as the first week of vacation has passed, the initial excitement is dampened. Kids who are suddenly out of a routine are unable to utilise this time. So, if you want to make the holidays fun and interesting, plan for it in advance. If you haven’t planned already and are looking for fun activities to pull out your kid or preschooler from their boredom cycle; here is a comprehensive list of activities and fun games for preschoolers you can give a try this summer. 

 Outdoor Activities

  1. Go swimming - One of the best play activities for preschoolers and even older kids is s Kids love to  cool off in the pools and splash around with their friends. If you don't have a pool where you live, you can always take advantage of the special camps held by the local pools. Swimming is fun, and offers some much needed physical activity which is missed when the schools are closed. Above all, it's a life skill. Preschoolers love to splash in the pools so much so that it becomes difficult to get them out of the water!
  1. Go watersports - Many camps provide water sports activities like boating, kayaking, rafting. The older kids would enjoy them. Many beaches also offer adventure sports. Beaches are also a great place to build sandcastles, swim, and collect seashells. But beaches in summer can be quite sunny. So don’t forget to pack the sunscreens and hats.
  1. Go back to nature - Plan a trip to a National Park especially those nestled in the hills which have a pleasant climate. It's a great means of introducing young explorers to the grandeur of nature. Many National Parks also offer nature trails, and bird watching tours which you can take advantage of. Actually, summers can be a great time for animal sightings and if your kid is fascinated by the animal world, this can be an experience he/she will love and cherish.  

Indoor Activities

  1. Play board games - Summer afternoons can be quite hot and humid, depending on which part of the globe you are situated. To beat the summer heat and make the afternoons interesting you can play board games with your kids. Board games help in building  developmental skills of kids such as:
  • Taking turns
  • Following rules and directions
  • Counting 
  • Identifying colours
  • Developing eye hand coordination 

Some of the interesting board games for preschoolers can be  Snakes and Ladders, Chutes and ladders, Hi Ho Cherry -o, Scrabble Jr, Shopping list, Memory Match, Monkey Around, Connect 4, Charades for kids. These board games can be purchased online across stores. Be careful not to choose board games with too many rules though - following them all could be a challenge for your preschooler!

  1. Do arts and crafts - Art and craft is a great way to have fun, relax and unleash creativity in your kids. Kids can play and learn with drawing, painting, sticking and creating. Kids love experimenting with colours, brushes, sponges and hands. Let them get messy this summer and you will be surprised to see how this can make their eyes twinkle with happiness. Many craft ideas are available online. For preschoolers, look for ideas with paper tearing, sticking, collage making, clay art. These are different forms of art and craft which can be done with just a box of paint like spray painting, balloon printing, vegetable printing, hand prints. For the older kids, you can explore ideas like pot paintings, mural art and even pottery making. 
  1. Tell a story - Kids love stories and summer vacations are never complete without book reading and storytelling sessions. With more visual modes of entertainment for kids being available these days, they are losing the interest to read books. Rekindle that interest and joy of story reading this vacation. Pick out your favourite author or your favourite book and read out to your kids. For young readers, Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond make for great picks. Start with the short stories and you will find their interest developing slowly but surely. 
  1. Master a musical instrument - Vacations are also a good time to learn any musical instrument. There are many instruments kids can explore like keyboard, drums, ukulele or guitar. You can get your kids enrolled in any music class. They will enjoy exploring music and learning a few musical pieces along with a group. Music always has a calming effect on the mind; it helps in increasing attentiveness, reducing anxiety, and boosting the confidence of children.


  1. Try fireless cooking - One of the best ways to keep your preschooler engaged is to try fireless cooking. They could spend their time making biscuit toppings and even baking cakes, making juices, and icecreams - which they will also enjoy digging into!

Summing it up, there is no end to play activities and fun games for preschoolers! However, the real icing on the cake is when you participate in these activities with them. So make sure to take time off your routine and join the kiddies’ gang! Whether you lounge around the pool or get your hands dirty to create some wonderful artwork together, the magic lies in collaborating with your little ones! 




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