Fun Party Games


Have a birthday party soon? Need to make it fun.  No worries, some real fun party games which are are tried and tested are listed below:

Musical Chairs: One of the best party games that just needs a lot of chairs (and you have the right?) and awesome tappy music, preferably the kid’s favorite. Play the music a little longer than anticipated just so to have some little extra fun. The adults can join in too for a swing. The last one left is the winner.

Pin the tail: I know, these games have been played over the last few decades but they still remain one of our favorites when it’s time to party with my son. We also improvised by adding a moustache on a face, or painting lipstick on a woman’s face. The reactions of the kids are just awesome.

Statue: Okay, a difficult game to play with a bunch of overly energetic kids. Put on some music and let them have a shake until you say “statue”. Watch them fidget while you see some naughty ones giggle and wiggle.

Build the tallest lego tower: With about 6-7 lego games in house, this is the perfect game which also instills healthy competition in children. Give the kids sixty seconds to make the tallest lego tower. Watch who wins.

Races: Lemon race, sack races are one of the best ways to include in an outdoor party involving lot of kids. With the use of less supplies and materials, kids can have a lot of fun.

Pass the parcel: This game can be played sitting down as well as standing. This also depends on the amount of space that you have around. Put on some groovy music and a pillow can replace the parcel. Stop the music and make the kids go crazy things for the audience.

Sock Mania: This can be done in the winter parties. Pile on socks in the center of the play area and set a time of 30 seconds. See which child puts on the most number of socks in one foot. Super fun!

Chinese whispers: A sit down game that needs two or three adult helpers. Start with sharing a long story as a secret message and tell them to pass it on to the kids by whispering the same. See how the story changes when it reaches the end of the group. There are no winners or losers in this game. Some games are just to have some fun!!


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