Good Parenting Tips


Becoming parents is the most joyous feeling in the world. Yet, parenting is a tough cookie to crack. I am certain all my fellow parents would agree with me. ☺ If we look for guidelines for ‘good parenting’, there can be nothing specific. We, as parents, need to follow our intuition; just continue to do our best! The crucial thing here is to trust you. You are your child’s parent, you know her well, more than you can imagine.

An amusing statement that my friend often makes is that if you a good parent, your child is bound to hate you at some point in her life…Hmm! I would love to share a few ‘best practises’, for good parenting, based on my experience and the valuable inputs of family, friends and acquaintances.


  1. The thumb rule…Be in Control. Help your child to understand the difference between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. Discipline is important, in all areas. They need you to guide them, to show them the right path.
  2. Allow your child to be independent. Give her the freedom to do things for herself, for e.g., clean her room, put away her toys, eat on her own and so on. Allow your baby to be strong, both mentally and physically. Give her the freedom to experience life in her own , unique way. Let her see life in its myriad forms, not through rose tinted glasses provided by you.  We have this basic urge, as parents to protect our children, to shield them from every possible, negative situation. Do not rush to make everything right for your child, or find a solution to every problem. Let her identify her own solutions.  She needs to fend for herself; to believe in her capabilities. Yes….you are there to help her…always!
  3. The most valuable gift that we can give our child is the gift of ‘time’…..unflinching, focussed and exclusive. Try to ensure that you are there for your child when she wakes up in the morning, when she gets back home from school and when she is in bed, at night. If you are a working parent, schedule some time every day which belongs only to your little one.. Read stories to her or just listen to her incessant chatter. She would love to share all the events that transpired through the day. Give her ‘undivided attention’.
  4. You are your child’s role model. She is your truest reflection. Demonstrate all the traits that you want her to imbibe, in your daily life. She is continuously learning from you, even when she is not aware of it. Ensure that you set the right example. Teach her the significance of being kind, generous and honest. Make her aware of the importance of mutual respect and self control. She needs to know the value of phrases, like ‘thank- you’ and ‘sorry’. Be her mentor!
  5. Imperative…love your child unconditionally and be demonstrative in your affections. Hug her, kiss her, cuddle her…she is your world! Love her and allow her to love you back. ☺

Friends, do not aim at being the ‘perfect’ parents…it’s a myth! Just try and be ‘real’ parents…be true to your children-mind, body and soul; cherish them. God bless!


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