Kids Cycles: Choosing an age-appropriate cycle for your kid


A cycle is one of the first few gifts that a child gets as he or she grows up. The joy on their faces while riding their cycles are priceless. The cycle could be the source of many of your kid’s fond memories of childhood. So if you are planning to buy a cycle for your junior, then these are the things that you would have to keep in mind.

Cycles come in different sizes for different age groups of children. Buying the right-sized cycle is very essential for their safety and for their comfort level. A cycle is considered to be of the right size by their wheel diameter. The wheel diameter for a cycle can vary from 12 inches through 24 inches, suitable for children aged between two and fourteen.

You should always make the child try ride the cycle once to see if their feet touch the ground flatly or not. If you think that buying a bigger cycle will save you money and can be used for a lot of years, you’re doing the wrong thing. If you buy a larger sized cycle for your child, he or she may meet with an accident, not being able to put their foot down in emergency situations. If the exact opposite happens and the size of the cycle is smaller, then the child will not be able to properly balance the cycle and may get cramped up.

There are different types of cycles for different age groups. The tricycle for the two- to three-year-olds, balancing cycles with support wheels for four- to five-years-old, the basic small wheeler cycles for the three- to six-year-olds, the 20-inch diameter wheel cycles for six- to nine-year-olds, and the 24-inch cycles for nine- to fourteen-year-olds.

Use of support wheels during the early ages of cycling helps facilitates the learning, and as the child grows older, and no longer needs the support wheels in order to balance the cycle, they can be removed and the support cycle can get upgraded into a bicycle.

Riding a cycle is a joy and a great way to stay fit as well. It gives children a sense of independence and adventure. So, buy them the right-sized cycle so that they can ride them with pride and confidence.


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