Make Your Child a Winner


Seeing your children perform to the best of their abilities and being able to get the best results is something most parents wish for. But there are times when the results may not be as encouraging, and in fact, it can also be kind of a disappointment.

How do you make your child a winner without pressurizing or breaking their self-confidence?

5 ways to make your child a winner

Here are five tips that will boost your child’s confidence and performance and make them winners:

  1. Praise your child: When your child feels good about himself or herself, they are bound to work hard to succeed, and succeed in the process. Helping them build on their self-esteem is the first step to inspire your child to do more, and in a positive way. You can build your child’s self-esteem in small everyday gestures, and even a little praise each day about something simple can do wonders.
  2. Teach instead of blaming: Children will learn from their mistakes, so make sure to teach them and show them the right way, instead of blaming them for their mistake. If you keep using criticism and negative comments for your child, soon he or she will start believing they are not good enough. If you are telling them something is wrong, follow it up by showing what is right too.
  3. Encourage your child to feel positive: Speak to your child in ways that will encourage them to speak positively about themselves. For instance, if your child is appearing for a test, ask them if they know at least some of the answers. They will most likely say ‘yes.’ Next, ask if they can try to attempt some more answers they might not know. The most likely answer will again be ‘yes.’ Help them say more positive things about themselves to build on the positivity.
  4. Let them relax: Relaxing is important, as it will help your child focus and build on strategies on how to tackle a problem better. It will also let your child rest and improve energy and performance. Relaxing is important to avoid nervousness and anxiety, which can also affect children.
  5. Build on their success as an example: For any time that your child did well, use it as an example to show what all they can achieve. For instance, if your child has received a certificate of excellence, display it at such a place that your child can see it easily and work hard to perform as good.


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