Safety Certified Travel Friendly Prams for Parents Who Love to Travel.


Love travelling frequently? A travel-friendly stroller can provide your baby with comfort and create lasting memories during family holidays. Travel-friendly prams are lightweight strollers that fold into compact units that are small enough to travel. They fit easily into the back of your cars and can even be carried as cabin baggage. Even if you can take a baby carrier on your adventures, there are times when a stroller comes handier.


Benefits of a Travel Friendly Pram

Having a travel-friendly stroller on your holidays or vacations has so many benefits. You can carry them in the back of your car or as cabin baggage. You have the stroller ready for your baby to relax when you step off. It also helps you to move faster with a young child, and your baby has a place to sleep when you are on the go. Moreover, your baby will feel secure and safe in their own strollers, so they will be less cranky and enjoy the new places.


Features to Look for in a Travel Friendly Pram

Apart from qualities from being lightweight and compact, you can look for features like :

  1. Multiple reclining positions - this is a crucial feature as your baby would like to relax and sleep during your travel. 
  2. A sun safe canopy - is another feature to consider while travelling to guard your baby against the Sun. Make sure that it comes with good ventilation. 
  3. Storage basket - if the stroller comes with a back pocket or storage basket, it would be quite helpful to pop in things you buy or carry baby accessories during your travels. 
  4. Special Features - some travel strollers can also be pulled along like a trolley when folded or carried on the shoulder with the help of a strap. 
  5. Safety Features - most importantly, don't miss out on the safety features. No stroller, however attractive it may look, or the features it comes loaded with, can never guarantee your baby's safety unless it is safety certified. Look for the EN 1888 certification, which is the European Standard for strollers. Also, ensure that the strollers have a 5-point harness to secure your baby and rear wheel brakes to park the stroller safely. 


Safety Certified Travel Friendly Strollers under Rs 10,000 on Amazon !


There are many Travel friendly prams available online, but all do not come with safety certification. Here we put together the best travel-friendly strollers you can purchase from Amazon under Rs 10,000, which are Safety Certified! After all, the safety of your baby always comes first.


R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite, Price on Amazon- Rs 6,899

Weight - 7.98 Kg

Safety - EN 1888 Certified

5 point harness  - Present

The R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller lite has been designed as a travel friendly stroller. The stroller is light and comes with a one-hand fold mechanism. It also has a trolley handle which makes it quite portable. It can be folded and pulled comfortably with one hand like a trolley.  Its compact size makes it compatible with car, train or flight travel. For your baby's comfort, it has a multiple-positioning reclining seat and foldable canopy. The wheels are sturdy and designed to travel on any kind of road. Wheels come with link brakes, so it is easy for you to park the stroller with just one tap of your feet. This stroller is suitable for babies from 0- 36 months.

R for Rabbit Falcon Flight Stoller, Price on Amazon - Rs 7,749

Weight - 10.8 Kg

Safety - EN 1888 Certified

5 point harness  - Present

The R for Rabbit Falcon stroller is loaded with comfort features. The seat is a 3 position recline. You can keep the seat upright, inclined or flat depending upon the mood of your baby. The seats are cushioned to provide maximum warmth to the baby. The stroller has an adjustable canopy with a ventilation window. The wheels come with a shock absorption system making every ride smooth. A large storage basket for keeping baby essentials has also been provided. The stroller is easy to carry and store. It fits into the back of your car and can be carried as cabin luggage. This stroller is suitable for babies from 0-36 months.


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