Safety Features to Look for Before Buying a Car Seat

Car Seat

A car seat is synonymous with your child’s safety on roads. We do not mind paying an extra penny when it comes to the safety of your child. But are you sure that extra penny was worth the feature? Most of the new parents face a problem while buying a car seat for their newborn. They trust the shopkeeper and end up paying for features which are of no or less use.

To help you make a better decision and not repent later, here are the safety features you should look at before buying a car seat:

1. Harness: Your baby's safety lies in the harness of the car seat as it is the one which prevents your child bearing the brunt of shock. Therefore, one of the major safety features to look for is to always ask for a five-point harness system. Also, the harness should have adjustable length so that your kid can fit in for a longer period.

2. Headrest: Headrest and neck pillow are another important feature as they provide cushion to your baby’s neck and secure their head and spine. They prevent any sudden jerks to the brain or neck. Many kids suffer from shaken baby syndrome in a car accident. This may lead to brain swelling, seizures, and even paralysis. So ensure that your car seat has a good cushioned headrest and neck pillow.

3. Chest pads: You must be thinking that a harness is enough to hold back your baby. Definitely, the harness will not allow the kid to fall off the car seat, but to avoid lurching forward, chest pads are necessary. The impact protection shield of a chest pad diffuses the shock/forces during any accident and protects the baby from any injury caused by sudden strain on the chest.

4. Latch: You cannot just place the car seat in the rear without securing it to any of the strong points. The car seat can slide from one end to another and may even crash in the front seat in case of an accident or sudden brakes. To avoid this free movement of the car seat, check for the latch system. Always make sure that the car seat is properly hooked to the car seat before you travel with your baby.

There are numerous features in a car seat, but the ones mentioned here are the most important. Buy a car seat which is not only safe but also comfortable for your kid.


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