Seven Signs That Your Child Loves You


Ever since I held my little boy for the first time ever, my definition of love only became stronger. The way he held my finger or the way he looked at me was simply priceless. However, things changed as he grew up. Our usual hugs decreased but we found better ways to show our affection.

Read on to identify seven signs that show that your child loves you.

• That smile! The moment that tops the list is the first time s/he flaunts that amazing smile. That’s the best possible way a child can show love to you.

• Clingy! No, it isn’t a negative thing to have a clingy child. The sense of security that your child feels around you is another form of love. The fact that she feels safe only around you speaks a lot of her/his love for you. And, that’s her/his happy place.

• Copy cats! The first time I saw my son roll up his sleeves and brush his hair in a familiar fashion, I could guess that he’s copying his papa. Parents are rock stars for their kids and perfect role models that emphasizes on their pure love for you.

• I love you! The truest and simplest expression of love is when they start saying it out loud. Or when they suddenly feel sad about you being sick and popping pills.

• Sharing secrets. As kids grow up, they start sharing their deepest secrets with you. And that’s when you know that it’s way beyond just secret-sharing. Parents also need to play the role of a confidante for their children, so that they can learn to express and manage their feelings better.

• Loud mouths. “My father has the biggest car in the world” was what my son said once to his friend and it sounded so cute. Kids tend to brag a lot about their parents which just talks about how much they admire them.

• Respect. The best possible sign that I feel is when your child respects you, not out of fear but out of love. They value your presence and genuinely listen to you.

The bond between a child and their parent changes over time. What does not change is the connection that binds them together. This connection is known as affection & love. As much as we love hearing ‘love you maa’ from our little ones, take out time once in a while to call your own mum and share those magic words. It’s worth it!


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