Single Hand Folding Feature of a Baby Pram


It is important to buy a good travel system for your baby. With so many brands and models, buying a pram or stroller can be overwhelming, especially for the new parents.

Parents put in lot of time and effort finalizing their baby’s products. They go through online reviews, try the short listed models in the store, and then make their final decision.

The pram or stroller is a travel system which will keep your baby comfortable and safe outdoors. You check the quality of the pram, material of cloth, and safety features before your zero down on one pram. But are these checks enough?

You should also look for features which can add on to your outing experience, like the single hand folding feature. Whether you are going for a walk or to the mall, a pram is a must. You cannot hold your baby all the time; it is tiring. Think of the situations where you and your baby are alone and you need to fold or open your pram.  You cannot place your baby on the floor while you fold or unfold the pram. That is the time when the single hand fold feature comes handy.

Parenthood is about handling anything single handedly. Here is a list of few recommended prams:

  1. Chicco Simplicity plus Stroller: One of the best strollers in the market. They are sturdy, easy to handle and lightweight. They come with the single-hand fold feature. They are portable and compact and can fit in any car.
  2. Graco Mirage plus Stroller: Graco is a renowned brand for baby products. Popular for its durability, quality and price range, Graco’s Mirage pram comes with all safety features to keep your baby safe outdoors, plus the feature we are talking about.
  3. R for Rabbit Giggle Wiggle Stroller: This Made in India pram is quality at a great price. Certified by European standards, this is the only pram made with 100% Linen fabric. This is ideal pram for hot and humid weather of India. Giggle Wiggle pram cum stroller is a rare combination of cute and royal, while offering you the single-hand fold feature.
  4. MeeMee Pram cum stroller: MeeMee is one brand you will see at every good kid’s store. Their pram cum stroller not only makes your baby’s ride safe but also ultra-comfortable. With add-on features like mosquito net, reversible handle, and single-hand fold, it is worth the money.

Happy strolling!!   


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