Six Things that you Must Have ready for Caring for Newborn Babies


Becoming a parent is a blessing, and your heart fills with gratitude and love when you hold the little bundle of joy in your arms. There is so much to plan for this special day. It's exciting to prepare for your baby and keep everything ready before the little one makes the final entry into your life. Parents take immense care to plan everything in advance; many checklists are made, and timelines are set. But lo behold! The baby arrives early, leaving you flustered. 

While detailed checklists are helpful, parents should prioritise a few essential items that must be prepared well before their baby's arrival. Parents will need these minimum baby necessities right after their newborn arrives. There can be a detailed checklist which you can keep for the next three months. 


Infant accessories/ Baby Accessories


 1.Feeding Accessories

Once the baby arrives, your routine and that of the baby revolves around three tasks, feeding, changing diapers and sleeping. For feeding, the baby accessories you should keep in handy are feeding bottles, bottle sterilisers and a breast pump. Breast Milk is the best feed for a newborn, and for the first six months, they should be strictly breastfed. However, some situations arise during the very early days of parenting when a baby has to be given bottle feed. It can be engorged breasts, babies unable to latch on to the breast, delay in milk production etc. During these times,a breast pump, preferably a manual breast pump, would come in very handy for the mother and baby. It will help ease the anxieties of the mother, who would be emotionally fragile after the birth. The baby will also have a sound sleep with a full tummy. 

Stores offer a variety of baby feeding bottles, so it's wise to purchase them ahead of time and have them readily available. You don't want to be in a situation where your baby is screaming his lungs out due to hunger, and you have to rush to the store to purchase a feeding bottle. A range of feeding bottles is available across stores online; purchase one, which you can also use as a breast pump bottle, as in future if you switch to a breast pump, the bottle comes in handy. Along with bottles, a steriliser is a smart buy. You need to sterilise every item used for feeding a newborn. Traditional boiling does the same, but we may end up damaging the bottles and nipples.  Read more about sterilisers on


 2.Dry Sheets

Dry sheets are highly absorbent waterproof sheets that can be used both in the baby cot and on the bed. These sheets protect the mattress from getting wet and keep the baby dry. Diapers are not required on such sheets. They are available online across stores in attractive colours and designs.



Diapers are a must for newborns. The first few months will be taxing as you learn to adjust to the diaper-changing schedule, which can be very demanding. There are good quality diapers to choose from across different stores. Environment-friendly cloth diapers are also available, which can be used when you are at home. These diapers are gentler on the skin and less damaging to our environment.



Swaddle is a thin blanket or sheet to wrap your baby gently.  There are different types of swaddles available in the stores. Muslin swaddles are quite popular. Swaddle helps to keep your baby calm and sleep soundly. Babies are relaxed as they feel the snug warmth of the womb inside the swaddle. Later, they can be used as baby blankets also.


 5.Baby  Wipes

This is one of the most essential infant care accessories that you need to keep ready for your baby. Baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs to be kept clean after a diaper change and after every feeding session. It not only disinfects the skin but also moisturises it. Baby Wipes are extremely useful and convenient, especially when outdoors or travelling with your baby. Check out more about baby wipes at



A bassinet is a specially designed bed for babies from ages 0-4 months. They are shaped like an oval, have mesh or cloth sides, and are generally designed for easy mobility. A co- sleeper or any type of sleeping device that attaches to the bed is not a safe sleeping option for your baby. A bassinet is a safe option; it is portable and also fits in small spaces. Later, you can add a baby crib to your nursery as your baby outgrows it.


Wrapping up, these are a few must-care baby accessories that should be present before the baby comes. There are detailed lists of baby products and baby care accessories which can be brought over time. Parenting is about happiness, joy, learning new things and unlearning many. But the journey is also full of surprises which spring up from every nook and corner, however, prepared you are.


Enjoy the journey, Happy Parenting!


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