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A Pram is a must when going around with your baby, especially due to a large amount of paraphernalia you must carry. Whether a walk in the park or visiting the neighbouring supermarket, a pram comes to the rescue.  However, it is not an easy to choose the right pram for your baby as the market is flooded with various styles, designs, colours and accessories. The price ranges also vary depending on the features provided. To help you decide, we have rounded up the best prams under Rs 5,000 available on Amazon India. Please note that the prices may vary.


1. Luvlap Starshine Baby Stroller, Pram Price - Rs 3,999

Luvlap Starshine Baby Stroller is one of the popular pram cum strollers in this range for 0-3 year olds. It comes with a reversible handlebar, which allows parents to face their baby while strolling. This helps you not only to check easily what your little one is doing but also to create that bonding with your baby. Starshine Baby Stroller is very light with its 360 degree Front Swivel wheel makes it more agile and easy to manoeuvre.  The pram is spacious, with adjustable reclining positions and footrest. So your baby can lie down and enjoy the surroundings in a half raised position.  The extended canopy ensures your baby is adequately protected from the harsh sun during their adventures outdoors. The Starshine baby stroller provides you with lots of bright colour options to choose from. For safety, it has a three-point harness system and rear wheel locking mechanism. It has a carrying capacity of up to 20 kgs and has a large shopping basket to pop in those extra purchases. Storage is hassle-free as it can be folded compactly and stored in a corner. The best part is that the seat cushions can be detached easily and washed, giving that clean environment to your baby every time. 


2. Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller, Pram Price - Rs 3,999

Luvlap Sunshine Baby Stroller comes with many good features and is a good choice for prams under Rs 5,000. Among its safety features is a 5 point harness system which safely secures your baby in the stroller and wheels with brakes that ensure a safe strolling experience. Luvlap Sunshine Baby stroller also comes with a reversible handlebar allowing you to face your baby and bond. It has an additional Peek - a- boo window to keep an eye on your little bundle of joy while strolling in forward mode. It comes in a 3 position seat recline and adjustable footrest so your baby can enjoy the ride while sitting, relaxing or sleeping inside the carriage. The cushioned seat, adjustable footrest and wheel suspension add to the baby's comfort. The sunshine stroller has a storage basket and an additional back pocket to carry all baby essentials. It is also lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and can be folded easily. It comes in eight different colour options. 


3. Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Baby Stroller, Pram Price - Rs 3,549

Little Pumpkin understands the necessity of young parents and brings this safe and colourful pram for your little one called Kiddie Kingdom Stroller. It is a compact & travel - friendly lightweight stroller. It is designed by keeping young moms' necessities in mind. It has a convenient one-hand fold mechanism & has a storage basket. Three-position recline keeps the baby comfortable. A Colourful canopy is designed to protect the kid from sun coverage with a peek-a-boo window. Wheels are all-terrain & have front suspension for a smooth ride. It is available in four attractive colours.


4. Mee Mee Baby Pram cum Stroller, Pram Price - Rs 4,272

Mee Mee Baby Pram cum Stroller is a smart pram. It also has a  quick one-hand folding system, and fully rotating wheels make manoeuvring so easy for the moms.  It comes in three adjustable seat positions with comfortable cushioned seats, a large extendable canopy and shock absorbers on the wheels, which make the ride smooth and comfortable for your little one. It comes laden with smart accessories like a big storage basket, back pocket, feeding tray for the baby and also a parent tray. Safety features include a 3 point harness system and brakes on the rear wheel. It is available in a wide range of colour combinations. 


5. MUMMAMIA City lite Pram cum Stroller, PramPrice - Rs 3,899

MUMMAMIA City lite Pram cum Stroller is the one of the prams under Rs 5,000 which is Safety Certified. It has all other features of being a great choice for your baby, extra padded washable seats, 360 degree front wheel swivel with lock, front and rear wheel brake, multiple reclining positions,  3 point harness, storage basket, extendable canopy. It has a stylish design made to look apart. It is lightweight and you can fold it easily with one hand and designed to travel alone with a baby. It is available in two attractive colours. If you are a parent having safety certification as priority, this could be the pram for you.


6. BabyGo Reversible Stroller cum Pram, Pram Price- Rs 4,499

BabyGo Reversible Stroller cum Pram is a foldable stroller with reversible handle. Accessories of the pram include a mosquito net to protect your baby from bug bites. Other accessories include a storage basket, back pocket, and a looking window.   Safety of your baby is ensured with a 3 point harness system and brakes on all wheels. A 3 position seat recline and expandable canopy ensures a comfortable ride  for your baby. 


7. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Pram cum Stroller, Pram Price - Rs 4,599

R for Rabbit Lollipop lite is an attractive pram cum stroller with its colourful seat and canopy. Safety features include a 5 point harness system and wheel lock. Other comfort features include front wheel suspension, 3 position recline and 2 position adjustable leg rest. The pram comes with utility features like a back pocket and a huge storage basket. Its reversible handle, folding mechanism makes it incredibly easy for you to handle it. The colourful pram appeals to the senses of your baby. 


8. Cloudie Baby Pram cum Rocker, Pram Price - Rs 5,109

Cloudie Baby Pram cum Rocker comes with every feature of a good pram like reversible handle, peek-a-boo window, 3 position reclining seat, foot rest, back pocket, storage space, adjustable canopy, removable food tray and a comfortable seat. It also comes with swivel wheels for easy steering. The back wheels have brakes. Other safety features of this pram include a 5 point harness system. What is interesting about this pram is that it can be easily converted to a rocker by turning the wheels in an upward direction!


9. 1st Step Yo Yo, Pram Price - Rs 3,709

This pram also has all the features like reversible handlebar, 3 position reclining seat, spacious storage basket, peek-a-boo window, back pocket, extendable canopy, comfortable seats and swivel wheels. In safety features it includes a 5 point harness system and back wheels with brakes.


10. 1st Step Caramel Baby Pram cum stroller

The Caramel Baby Pram cum stroller other than the usual features comes with added features like 5 point safety harness, removable food tray, cup holder. It is also compact and has a single handed folding mechanism.


11. Moon Bezik Stroller, Pram Price - Rs 4,999

A relatively new entrant, this stroller has features like a sturdy aluminium body, single-handed folding mechanism, broad backrest, adjustable footrest, sturdy canopy, firm front wheels, handlebar at the top, storage basket, back pockets,  a mesh bottom with a 5-point harness for utmost safety. It allows you to turn the bassinet into two modes for versatile usage. The stroller features lockable tires for added protection for your baby. It also has two feeding trays, one at the front and the other at the back. The great news is that it is EN safety certified!


12. Tiffy and Toffee Premium Baby Stroller cum Pram, Pram Price - Rs 3,979

The Premium Baby Stroller by Tiffy and Toffee also comes with all the features of a good pram like swivel wheels, a reversible handlebar, cushioned seat, a food tray, an adjustable canopy, a storage basket and a back pocket. It has a 3 point safety harness and brakes on the rear wheel. 


Wrapping it up

 As evident, many affordable options are available in prams and strollers. There is not much difference in the features provided by the leading brands. All the prams in this range come with a  basic set of features. You will find the difference only in a few additional safety features and accessories. So, go ahead and make your decision. You will cherish the twinkle in the eyes of your little one when they take their first ride on the pram. It will be a memory to last forever! 


Happy Shopping!



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