The Shopping Bag Feature of Prams: How it is a very practical feature


We buy several items for our baby even before he/she arrives in this world. We always consider our baby’s comfort as our first priority before we place any item in the shopping cart. One item that will make your baby’s and your life easier is a Pram or Stroller.

We spend hours deciding what all features we want in a pram. Stable wheels, 5-point harness, seat straps, reclining seat, great brake mechanism, adjustable handle, and comfortable steering are few of the features we look for. One feature that some of the parents miss or do not pay much heed to is the “Shopping Bag.”

You must be thinking why we are emphasizing on this feature since it has nothing to do with the kid. Pram is a travel system for the kid. Carrying your baby in a pram is more convenient when you go out to the market, shopping mall or a park. Your hands are free and you do not have to juggle your baby from one arm to another. Even your baby can enjoy the outing lying or sitting in the pram.

What is the fun of an outing if you have to carry all the shopping bags in one hand and push the pram with another? That is when you wish that your pram had a decent-size storage bag to keep all the shopping bags. A shopping bag also comes handy when you are going to the park. You can easily carry a water or milk bottle for the baby and a snack for a quick bite for yourself.

Another lesser known fact about shopping bag is it gives additional stability to your baby’s pram. The shopping bag or storage basket of the pram is generally located under the seat. When you load it with any item, it decreases the height of the carriage’s center of gravity. Thus, providing additional stability to the pram.

While checking the size of the storage basket, also ask for the strength. Most of the storage baskets are just a mesh bag. Before finalizing, check for its sturdiness and capacity. Another important point to check is whether you will be able to maneuver the pram easily after the shopping bag is loaded.

The market is loaded with multiple options of prams and strollers. Choosing the right one is like winning a war. Your baby’s comfort is hands down the priority but look for your convenience too.


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