Tooth Care and Teething


Isn’t it cute when you finally see pearly whites erupting from the gums of your little one? What we see as cute, is actually a very painful stage that a child goes through. Therefore as parents, it’s our responsibility to ease our toddlers’ pain and help them deal with this agony.

Here’s how you can do this:
Don’t wait for the whole tooth to come to start the ritual of brushing. Wipe the gums after each feed with a wet warm cloth. There are soft rubbery devices available in the market, which easily fit over your finger for the purpose of cleaning your baby’s teeth. Saves your finger too from getting bitten!

Avoid sugary substances from the start. Sodas and juices are off the list especially before bedtime. Avoid putting the baby put to sleep with a bottle of milk or even juices that can increase the risk of cavities in young children’s teeth. Most toddlers have the habit of keeping the bottle in the mouth for much longer time, just for comfort.

Introduce the toothbrush as early as 12 months. There are many soft-bristled baby brushes available in the market, which parents should start using to inculcate the habit of rinsing and cleaning the teeth as a daily routine in their kids. With that already set, start using baby toothpaste at 24 months, as they start consuming more meals and solids on a regular basis.

Choose your child’s dentist and start meeting them since the time your baby turns a year old. It may sound a bit weird to start seeing a dentist so soon, but trust me, some of the dental problems erupt this early. The doctors may advise on special baby tooth care, intake of fluoride, and even issues with thumb-sucking.

Most of the parents’ concerns revolve around swollen gums, drooling or toddlers having high temperature while going through teething. It sure is an uncomfortable process and for kids it’s even more painful, when they are just confused over what is happening. Comfort your child by getting teething rings, rubbing the gums once in a while with a clean finger or even giving prescribed pain relief medicines.

At this age, toddlers are unaware about the reason for their crankiness and hence I can also say- “Parents, be patient and be there for your child to soothe and comfort them.”


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