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Kids eagerly anticipate their month-long summer vacation. It's a time filled with laughter, fun-filled days, experiments, picnics, meeting cousins, and making memories. There is no pressure on home tasks, which gives them enough time to go on adventures too. Summer vacation allows children to relax, make new friends, develop new hobbies, and engage in activities that will stay with them forever. 

Various summer activities for kids are crucial in different ways. Some help strengthen physical stamina, while some enhance mental well-being. Some exercises help kids improve social skills, while some foster creativity. For example, engaging in outdoor games, sports, and camps improves physical health while reducing screen time. Interacting with peers and adults during various activities builds social confidence. Similarly, exploring arts, crafts, and nature also ignites imagination and intellectual growth.  

This blog will guide you about things to do with kids during their summer break. Read it below, as there's something for the toddlers to pre-teens on our list.

Water Pool Party

There is no better way to beat the heat than with water play. Set up a small pool in your backyard, fill it with water, and watch your children splash and giggle joyfully. To amplify the fun, you may add colourful floating toys, water balloons, and water guns. You will effortlessly get such pools online.

Knowing Nature Project

Summer break means your children have ample time to explore the locality more. So, mark the local parks, botanical gardens in or near your area and take your kids there to observe plants, birds, and insects. Inspire them to prepare a project by gathering images of various birds, insects, and plants and reading more about them. You can reward them with a favourite toy or chocolate for completing the project.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of age-appropriate items and clues to find, considering the surroundings and safety. Divide kids into teams, each with a responsible adult chaperone. Choose an exciting outdoor location like a park or a garden. Hand out the lists, and let the fun begin! This activity for kids will encourage teamwork,  problem-solving capability and inspire creativity as they search for hidden treasures.

Art and Craft for Toddlers

Unleash your child's creativity with engaging arts and crafts projects. One of the most popular activities for 3-year-olds is a handprint project. Help them create a lasting keepsake by painting their hand and pressing it onto a piece of paper or canvas. They can also use their handprint to make animals, flowers, or a family tree. 

Outdoor Sports and Games

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your kids to various outdoor sports and games. Teach them to ride a bicycle, play football or basketball, or swim. Enrol them in a coaching class for the chosen sport, and also make necessary arrangements in your backyard so that they can practise.

Learning a New Skill

Only studying and riding a bicycle isn't enough! This competitive age demands kids to be more knowledgeable. So, during this summer vacation, ensure your kid learns a new skill. It can be coding and robotics, cooking and baking, playing a musical instrument or learning a new foreign language.

Home Décor Sessions

There must be various rocks that your kids have gathered from their trips. Ask them to wash those rocks and decorate them with paints, glitters, and other decorative items. You can use these rocks as bookends, paperweights, or a showpiece to enhance your home décor. You may also let them decorate old bottles and turn them into indoor planters.

T-shirt Painting

Organising a t-shirt handprint activity for kids during summer is a fun and creative way to amuse them. Use washable fabric paints and white T-shirts. Show them various techniques, like palm prints or fingerprints, and let their creativity shine. Afterwards, let the t-shirts dry for personalised keepsakes of their summer fun!


Summer is a great time to plant flowers and grow vegetables. Take your kid to the local nursery and educate them about various vegetables, how they are grown, which kind of soils are used, and how much water they require. Bring some plants home and guide them to develop and care for their new garden.

Cooking and Baking Fun

Spend quality time with your children in the kitchen by involving them in simple cooking and baking activities. Let them measure ingredients, stir the batter, or decorate cookies. Start with easy recipes like homemade popsicles, fruit salads, mixing cookie dough, or sandwiches. Cooking enhances their motor skills and instils a sense of accomplishment as they see the delicious results of their efforts.

With these top 10 summer activities for kids, you can ensure your little ones have a memorable summer. These activities cater to different interests and age groups, from water play to outdoor games, arts and crafts to outdoor treasure hunts, or baking their favourite cookies. So, first study your kids' personality, character, likes and dislikes and then plan a fun-filled day for them. This Mumpa blog will help you set up an impressive summer vacation for your kids.


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