Ward off the Monsoon Bug!


I was in love with the monsoons, until I became a mother. Does that sound really sad? I’m afraid so. Most mothers will agree that with the outset of rainy season comes a bag full of diseases, mosquitoes, dirt and smelly clothes that just won’t dry. So c’mon let’s make monsoons fun for our kids. Here’s how. Prevention is better than cure. This age old saying never fades. Being cautious in this weather always helps.

We all know that a monsoon along with the respite from the heat also brings in ugly diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, common cold along with fever. So it’s important to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes in and around our homes. Do not keep water stored in open areas; keep coolers disinfected, and ensure only RO/boiled water is consumed by the family. Use mosquito repellents and nets while sleeping. It’s better to keep kids away from areas where water is stagnated. Also make sure the domestic help in your homes is also wearing clean clothes and washed hands with soap before cooking.

Ensure kids are clothed properly on their daily spree to the park. Make sure they are wearing light coloured cotton clothes that cover their arms and legs avoiding unnecessary bites from bugs and mosquitoes. Keep their feet covered with proper socks and shoes. While heading out ensure rain gear like raincoats, umbrellas, gum boots etc.

Mop your homes everyday with disinfectants to keep away the germs and dirt. Clean the footwear of your child at the doorstep and keep them stacked near the front door only. Children have a habit of lying down on the floor and unknowingly they put their fingers in their mouths directly taking in the germs from the floor. Keep your home clean and dry.

Also be certain of your child’s personal hygiene. Make them shower twice a day (neem soaps are the best in this weather), have short hair and nails. Use cotton towels to dry them and use talcum powder to absorb the moisture. Insist on a quick shower after they are back from the park or if they get wet in the rain.

Strengthen the immune system by giving them lots of fruits and vegetable enriched with vitamin C and E. Vitamin C has antibodies that help in preventing the occurrence of common cold. Wash vegetables thoroughly with RO water especially root vegetables like radish, carrot etc. However tempting it may sound, avoid the chaat and pakoras from outside. Indulge in homemade chaat for a change. Also keep away fried and spicy foods or fruits and vegetables cut for long.

Here are some [healthy snack ideas for your child](http://mumpa.in/blog/2016/05/23/untitled/)

Mommies, these are just precautionary measures we can take so that our children can enjoy this wonderful season of monsoons. On the other hand stack up on vicks, inhalers and usual medicines if they fall sick. Keep your warm embrace always with them!


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