What is a pram?


A pram, originally also known as a perambulator, is used to carry a baby right from the time of birth till they can sit on their own.

As a new born, your baby will not have enough control over the head and neck. As a result, it is very important that you always hold your baby very gently while placing them in a lying down position, or while picking them up from a lying down position.

A pram is very comfortable and convenient for a new born, or even for a baby, because it will provide a large space in which your baby can first comfortably lie down, and later on sit as well. It will allow you to transport your baby easily and safely from place to place, without the need to hold baby in the arms at all times.

The bassinet provided in a pram is especially helpful as it will help you to place your baby on a lying down position on baby’s back especially when you are outdoors and have to move about.

All prams come with a cover that you can easily put over your baby. This is a very comfortable and convenient way to protect your baby against dust, polluting agents and even to keep your baby safe from any bug bites.

Prams also come with brake features. This means that depending on your requirement, you can easily walk it around, or hold it in one place by putting on the brake mode. A pram will also let you set it up in a fully lying down position, or in a sit up position. It comes with the required belts, straps and harness, so that you can safely secure baby in it and even if your baby moves, there will be no risk of accidentally falling down.


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