What is a stroller

A stroller is very much like a travel system on wheels for your little one. In most cases, it has a car seat that you can attach to the stroller or take off, as and when required.

The main feature of a stroller is that it is made in such a way that it is most suitable for a baby who can sit up straight. This may not be the best choice to place your new born in, but if your baby is a few months old, and has now started having some independent control over the neck, head and shoulder area, using a stroller can be a good choice.

A stroller is often also known as a buggy or a push chair.

The seat in a stroller

The seat in the stroller comes with some form of a restraining device, which could include a safety belt, a crotch strap, or even a harness. It often has a combination of all of these restraining devices to make sure that your baby is protected in all ways and that there is no scare of an accidental fall.

A stroller also has a hood, or a sort of canopy that will keep your baby protected. This is a good way to keep your baby protected from the sun or rain, dust or even bugs.

Easy and light to use

Strollers are generally less bulky, lighter in weight and much easier to use when compared to a baby pram. As a result, these are more mobile and easier to navigate and move around in.

The seat of a stroller is lower as compared to that in a pram. This is because your baby can now sit up, and having the seat a little lower will allow him or her to place the foot properly in the area meant for placing the feet.


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