What is the Right Age to Put Your Child in Play School?


Starting play school for kids is a new phase in their life. It is here that they begin to make new friends and be a part of a social group. It is a very important step on the part of both the parent and the child as it would be the first of the many stepping stones to a successful and happy life of the child. So, knowing when to put your child in play school is very important.

The best age to put your child in a play school is between two and a half years to four years. But apart from this, there are many different things that you will need to consider before putting your child in a play school. A child needs to have a few skills before joining a play school like, knowing their mother tongue, proper toilet training and most importantly, the child’s willingness to go to a play school.

For the child to know to speak at least his or her mother tongue is very important. There needs to be some mode of communication through which the child can express his feelings or discomforts or even for that matter, to mingle with his new found friends.

Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is for the child to have proper toilet training. He should be able to communicate his toilet needs to his teachers instead of showing his artistry by sculpting poop. On a serious note, it is one of the most important trainings that you would need to give your child before sending them to a play school.

The last point would be your child’s willingness to go to a play school. Sudden exposure to many more clueless kids and a completely new environment gets a little intimidating for the child to handle, but this can easily be dealt with. You can take your child to the play school for a short time just to familiarize him with his new surroundings. Your child’s willingness to go to a play school is necessary because if you send the child to school forcefully, he may develop a mental trauma which would affect his health massively.

If your child possesses all of these minor skills, then he is old enough to be put into a play school where he would make new friends and embark on his journey of life.


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