Wishing Every Mum a Very Happy Mothers Day !


Mother and child share a unique bond . The child becomes an individual after coexisting with their mum for nine months. However, the mother and child remain a unified entity for ever after! Here is a small list of things that the baby does only to their mother as they see her as an extension of their little self. Happy Mother’s Day!Playing hide and seek – The child plays hide and seek in the folds of their mum’s skirt, pallu or dupatta

  1. Crying at the toilet door – The child cries for the mother at the toilet door, when she is in there.
  2. Stilettoes – The child puts on stilettoes and flaunts it around
  3. Mumma you are the prettiest – Every child says to their mom, one day or often, that “you are the prettiest in the world”

Happy Mother’s Day Mums!


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