Pigeon Steam Sterilizer

Pigeon Steam Sterilizer

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Pigeon Steam Sterilizer is an easy and safe cleaning solution for your baby's feeding bottles. This electric steam sterilizer is a versatile tool when it comes to disinfecting your child's feeding items. This product can be used to sterilize all standard shapes and sizes of feeding bottles, nipples, plastic toys, breast pumps, and other such baby products. It can also sterilize items like spoons, bowls, etc. It comes equipped with a tray whose both sides can be used for perfectly decontaminating baby care products. It has the feature of rotating side locks, which helps in strongly securing the sterilizing cover. The best part about this product is that the items inside this product remain sterilized up to 6 hours, with its lid closed, even after the sterilizing cycle is complete.
It uses chemical-free sterilizing and cleaning process and can store up to 8 feeding bottles of standard size. It does not use any cleaning agents or chemicals in its sterilization process but is very efficient. Using it is very easy since for cleaning the bottles you just have to place them in an inverted position on the bottle tray and for fumigating the accessories and toys you just need to put them on the accessories tray. This product takes about 10 to 12 minutes for thorough cleaning, maintaining hygiene, and giving you chemical-free and sterilized items. It turns off on its own after the sterilization process is complete and thereby takes care of the energy conservation.
Maintaining this product is very easy and simple, for one can use lemon juice or vinegar for its periodic cleaning process. It is lightweight and very handy and easy to carry while on a journey.

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Ease of use

  • Sterilisation Duration
  • 10+ minutes
  • Versitality
  • Sterilises spoons, bowls etc
  • Bottle Warmer Function
  • No


  • Sterilsation Method
  • Steam
  • Mode
  • Electric


  • Size
  • 4 bottles
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Pigeon Steam Sterilizer

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