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LuvLap StarShine Baby Stroller

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Buying a toy for a 0-6 months old baby can sometimes leave you bewildered. Would it be worth buying a toy for a 0-6 month old baby? How does a toy help a baby? After all, the life of a newborn revolves around only food, diaper changes and sleep. This is quite true as in the initial few months of being born, your little one is busy adjusting to the new environment around them. 

Slowly, they learn to coordinate and focus their senses and strengthen their skills. Initially, you will find that your baby doesn't even look at you but slowly their gaze becomes steady and thereafter, they are also able to turn and look towards you. Their reflexes become strong and they are able to grasp things in a couple of months. 

That is the perfect time to introduce them to toys. Playtime for them in these months can be a major booster for their growth. Important for imprinting the ever-so-vital pathways in their brains; which will last their lifetime. There is no second opinion that playing with toys helps babies to strengthen their skills and reach their milestones and it's true for newborns as well.


Points to consider while buying a toy for 0-6 month baby

The vital point to consider is that the toys should be perfectly safe for the baby. It should be made of material that would not harm if your baby puts it in their mouth; it  should  contain no small parts that a child can choke on. They should also be perfectly sized for those little hands to wind around their fingers. 

Age of Baby

What can they do?

Which types of toys are best for them?

0-2 months

Holds head up during tummy time

Looks at & begins to focus on toys

Hanging toys / Cot mobiles

3-4 months

Begins to reach for toys

Puts hands in mouth

Tummy time mats 

Rattles & textured balls

Play gyms

5-6 months

Grasps toys

Rolls over

Enjoys looking at self in mirror

Teething toys

Baby safe mirror


Hanging toys / Cot Mobiles

In the first three months, babies can focus on objects 8-11 inches away, hence a cot mobile, a toy  that can be hung in a crib or strollers  is a must-have. Babies are excited to see the colourful, moving and often musical toys. 

 They kick and move and try to fix their gaze on it. This helps in developing their muscle strength and motor skills. Being musical, the toys help in soothing or calming the baby as well. As they grow up, they would start to reach out and grab toys.

Baby Gym


A baby gym consists of a soft mat with two arches on the top from where toys, mirrors, and lights can be hung. It's great for developing the motor skills of your baby as the dangling toys, mirrors encourage the baby to reach out for them. In the process, they move their hands and start kicking. 

 These activities help in strengthening the muscles of their legs, arms, neck and stomach. To grasp the dangling toys, babies try to bring their hands towards their midline which is an important milestone for them to achieve. 

The colours, sounds, and textures of a baby gym provide all the sensory stimulation your baby needs in order to explore and learn about the new world around them. Baby gyms are made of soft mats which are cushioned so they have been designed to be completely safe for your little ones. 

They come in a variety of attractive colours, designs and themes for you to choose from across stores.

Rattles and Soft Balls


Rattles are an important first toy as they help little ones improve hand-eye coordination by stimulating their senses. They are safe for babies to chew on and made from BPA-free plastics, wood or cloth.


 They are usually  brightly coloured, come in different shapes like that of animals, keys, flowers or musical instruments and make a sound when they are shaken. Many rattles also have other textures that provide sounds like crinkling noises. Some also play lullabies or have display lights.

0 - 6 months old babies love to hold their rattles in their hands and shake them, sometimes exploring them with their mouths as well. Slowly, they learn to transfer the rattle from one to another hand. Soft, colourful, musical balls are another favourite that babies like to explore and balance on their arms and legs. The  bright colours, sound and texture of the ball increase their inquisitiveness and they keep wondering how the ball would roll away.

Baby Safe Mirrors

Babies love to play with mirrors, they are intrigued by the image they see in them. It appeals to their visual sense and also helps in strengthening muscles, once they attempt to grab it or try to move towards it. Many baby-safe mirrors are available that you can use during their tummy time to relax and talk to them and bond with your baby all the way.

 So buying toys for a 0-6 month old baby is not as baffling as it may seem. Most importantly,  it is however you who will  be the centre of the play and make playtime interesting for your baby. Along with the toys, it's your voice and your face that your baby will seek, interact and bond with!



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