• Mumpa
    बच्चों के लिए उचित दिनचर्या

    तीन साल की उमर होने तक मेरे बेटे की कोई खास दिनचर्या निश्चित नहीं हो पाई थी. यह मेरे लिए चिंता का विषय था क्यूंकी उसका प्री-स्कूल जल्दी ही शुरू होने वाला था.....

  • Mumpa
    Healthy Snacking: Japanese Rice Balls

    When it comes to eating, you might find your toddler acting a little fussy at times. Especially those 4pm hunger pangs! Here’s a healthy recipe that is easy to make and delicious to eat....

  • Teething Woes and Dental Care for Infants
    Teething Woes and Dental Care for Infants

    How cute babies look when they sprout their first teeth. But teething is a long and a painful process for the baby as well as for the parents. Teething usually starts when babies are about 6 months old, though it may start a bit earlier or later for some. Some sure shot signs of teething ...

  • 5 Fibre rich Food for Children
    5 Fibre rich Food for Children

    We (am specifically addressing the mums of this world☺), are constantly striving to provide wholesome food to our kids. Our instructions are the same, I am sure, to limit junk food, aerated drinks and excess sugar in their diet. Great! But do we ensure that we include fibre rich food in our children’s food chart ...

  • Your Baby’s Teething Timeline
    Your Baby’s Teething Timeline

    Let me begin by saying that I am blessed; my son had an almost painless teething cycle (a tad slow, though).On a bright, summer morning, of the 10th of july,2010, the Sun shone gleefully on my son and his beautiful first tooth. A significant fact that we need to know is that our baby’s tooth...



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