Gas and bloating in pregnancy


Gas and bloating are common problems faced by every individual on a daily basis. Studies show that on an average a person passes gas around 14-15 times a day. This number tends to increase during pregnancy due to higher levels of progesterone – a hormone that causes your body muscles to relax.

During pregnancy, expecting mothers experience problems of indigestion as their intestinal muscles relax, resulting in slower digestion. This problem increases in the last months of pregnancy as the uterus applies pressure on the abdomen. Apart from the physiological changes, the food you eat also may increase gas and bloating in pregnancy.

Before you have an awkward moment wherein you are unable to control the gas in public, here are some easy ways to reduce gas and bloating during pregnancy:

  1. Food: Your diet is important not only for you baby’s development but also helps avoid or reduce various pregnancy problems like gas, bloating, acidity, dizziness etc. The list of “to avoid” food is more or less the same for all the pregnancy problems. Let’s quickly recap the “bid adieu food” list. You should avoid gassy food and drinks like sodas, artificial sweetened drinks, cabbage, beans, asparagus, corn, apples, peaches, etc. P.S. This list may vary from individual to individual.  
  2. Stay Active: Throughout your pregnancy you should have an active lifestyle. Exercise, walk around, or do yoga. A sedentary lifestyle can increase gas and bloating. Also while sitting and sleeping, keep your legs elevated. This will help decrease the pressure off the abdomen, thus letting your body to digest food easily.
  3. Smaller Meal: Along with a balanced diet, keep a check that you are eating small but frequent meals. As the digestive system has difficulty in digesting food, small meals help your body to get more time to digest the food. Therefore, a higher frequency comprising smaller servings will help the digestive system remain active throughout without burdening it.

Also, avoid wearing tight-fitted clothes. Invest in maternity wears as they will reduce the added pressure on the digestive system, resulting in reduced pain from gas and bloating. Also, always remember that natural remedies are a great way to take care of most of your health concerns when you are pregnant as these will not have any side effects on you or your unborn baby, and almost always will give you the desired results. So for gas and bloating, too, always use home remedies like chewing on carom seeds, or ajwain, to get instant relief.

Eat healthy, stay healthy, and lead a gas-free life!


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