Have a Safe Diwali with Your Kids


The sound of some crackers (unless you are in Delhi and the cracker ban is actually being followed!) and the lights around have already brought the spirit of Diwali around.

If you have young child or a small baby at home, in addition to being excited about the celebrations, you will also need to be extra cautious to make sure your child is safe.

Most schools have already started teaching children about the negative effects of bursting crackers, and are discouraging them from doing so. However, your child is not only at risk of injuries due to fire crackers, but also from the many diyas that are usually lighted up around the house.

While it is important to teach your child about your customs and celebrations, it is also important to take care of their safety. Here are a few tips that will make sure that your child has a wonderful and happy Diwali, without the risk of getting hurt or feeling uncomfortable.

To avoid fire-related injuries

1. Make sure your children wear only cotton clothes and not anything synthetic, as these can easily catch fire. Also, the clothes should be well-fitted and not loose and flowy, so that they do not accidentally touch a flame.

2. Keep a bucket of water in each room of the house, and a few buckets of water on the terrace or the area where you plan to burst the crackers. This will ensure that just in case there is some injury, you can immediately use water to minimize the impact.

3. Be present next to your child throughout the celebrations, to make sure they do not get hurt accidentally. If they plan to burst crackers, show them how to hold their hand out at a safe distance and then do the same.

4. Always be around your child and do not leave them alone, not even with neighbours or friends. Children often tend to get excited and forget safety rules especially when they are around friends, or parents are not around. So be there and ensure they are safe.

5. If possible, let your children wear clear glasses to avoid any accidental injury to the eyes.

As we are trying to reduce the harmful effects of bursting crackers, it is important to show your children that Diwali is not just about crackers, but more about lights and the feeling of being together as a family. Happy Diwali!


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