How to Handle Injuries and Accidents

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I remember child proofing the entire house when my son started to crawl. So, sharp edges, corners, doors, windows, power points, all were ‘baby protected’☺.

Yet kids get hurt, it is a natural part of growing up. Now, what is the next best thing that we as parents can do?

Yes… got it….prepare ourselves to handle these emergencies. Let’s look at a few generic accidents that almost all babies have:

  1. Choking is a probable and potential danger. Babies tend to pick up everything and put it in their mouths; a few of these smaller things can cause choking. They can even choke on food. In case choking occurs, try to make the baby cough hard, with a lot of force. You need to give her some blows on the back and strong abdominal thrusts, repeatedly. This would enable her to throw up the item that is stuck. God forbid, if the child loses consciousness, do not delay; rush to the nearest hospital. (Do not play doctor; unless you are one…..hurry!).
  2. Mums, we all know that falls are oh so common! Especially when our baby learns to move around (often in lightening speed☺). Let me share with you one such episode with  Maanit, my son. When he was about 5 months, suddenly one evening he decided to be superman and literally flew off the bed. It was so sudden, that  I was unable to prevent the fall. I was frightened to the core. He cried non-stop, had a black eye and refused to feed. I immediately rushed to the paediatrician. She examined him thoroughly, his eyes, nose, ears, reflexes. Thank God he was fine. She also told me that baby bones are relatively softer than older kids, hence, do not fracture easily….hmm!

But  we need to be careful. Even if your child looks normal, do observe her for at least 24 hours, especially if the head is injured. Rush to the hospital if:

  • Bleeding occurs.
  • A bone seems to be broken.
  • The baby cries continuously, loudly and  screams in pain.
  1. Cuts and bruises are common, too. Older kids tend to indulge in a lot of rough play. In case of bleeding, press firmly on the wound. Clean the wound with warm water and then apply an antibiotic cream to it. You can use salon to clean it ( hurts less!). In case of infection, like pus formation, visit your doctor. A tetanus shot might be needed if your child gets injured by something that is rusted.
  2. Burns in children generally happens due to steam from hot food and liquids. Wash the area with cold water and apply an antibiotic cream to it. Pleas
  3. e ensure that when you hold your child, you do not have anything hot in your hand or anywhere close; accidents tend to happen when we are least prepared.
  4. Nose bleeds are common, too. Ask your child to sit upright and pinch and hold her nose for about 5 minutes. Incase of bleeding due to a bad fall, apply an ice pack. If it does not stop, rush to your doctor.
  5. The pain and itchiness associated with bug bites can be alleviated to an extent by applying calamine lotion or an ice pack to the affected area.

I have prepared a list of KIMs ( not the Kardashian…..what to ‘keep in mind’  ☺):

  • Prevention is better than cure, be vigilant, supervise; you are the best ‘security device’ for your child.
  • Store away safely, things that can be hazardous to your child. For e.g.  coins, rings, knives, cleaning products like lizol, medicines and so on.
  • Power outlets need to be covered…we all know that our baby’s fingers are very inquisitive.
  • Windows and doors need to be securely locked.
  • The child should never be left alone during bath time. Drowning can occur even in the smallest quantity of water.
  • Child proof your home.

Mums, always remember, bruises and injuries are a part of growing up; they toughen both our children and us….isn’t it? But….stay well  ☺


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