Tiredness and Fatigue in Pregnancy


Feeling tired and fatigued is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. While for some women this can continue very well till the last trimester, some may not feel tired at all.

You will feel most of the fatigue in the first trimester and the third, while the second trimester will be relatively easier.

In the first trimester

Your hormone levels go through a big change, causing tiredness and fatigue. At this time, your blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels also take a dip and there is an increase in the hormone progesterone. Combined together, all this makes you feel more tired and you may want to rest and lie down more than you otherwise do.

In the second trimester

By this time, your energy levels will start to increase. Also, the supplements that your doctor will put you on now will help to stabilize the blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels. While it may not go away completely, the amount of tiredness and fatigue you feel in the second trimester will be lesser compared to the first and third ones.

In the third trimester

Your fatigue and tiredness will return again as you enter the third trimester. Your baby is growing bigger, you need to urinate more and are barely able to sleep well. Also, you may experience cramping and backache, which can make it difficult for you to rest well.

How to cope with pregnancy fatigue and tiredness

  • Rest when you can – This will allow your body to replenish its energy reserves and keep you on your feet when you need to. Do not worry about cleaning up the house or finishing that chore now, rest is most important at this stage for you and baby.
  • Prioritize – Try to make a list of which tasks need to be done on an urgent or prior basis, and which ones can be done later. This will let you take a break and rest.
  • Eat a healthy diet – Eating the right foods will improve your energy levels and prevent sudden drops in blood pressure and sugar levels. Speak to your doctor and also ask for supplements if required.
  • Exercise – It is important to have some form of exercise even when you are pregnant, as this actually helps to boost your energy levels. Try walking, yoga, or even swimming if your doctor allows it.

Sucking on a citrus-based candy can give you an instant energy rush, especially if you are feeling faint!


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