Advantages of using a baby cot

advantages of using a baby cot - mumpa

If your baby is less than six months old, it is important that your baby sleeps on the back, and preferably in a baby cot to avoid the dangers of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is also known as cot death.

A baby cot will help you to let your baby sleep safely, without the risk of getting accidentally hurt. There are different types of baby cots available in the market these days, and a lot of them can also be attached to the main bed where you sleep. This means that you can easily breastfeed your baby in the middle of the night, without the need to get up and go all the way from your bed to your baby’s cot.

There are many advantages of letting your baby sleep in a baby cot. Here are a few you can take a look at:

  • Baby can sleep without getting disturbed: When sleeping in a baby cot, your baby will be able to sleep peacefully and in an undisturbed sleep. Often, if your baby is sleeping with you in the same bed, your or your partner’s movements can disturb baby and make them wake up. When this happens, you will again have to spend a lot of time in helping your little one fall back to sleep.
  • Gives you more time: As your baby gets used to sleeping in a baby cot, you will get more time during the day to finish off your work without worrying that your baby may fall off the big bed. Till the age that your baby does not learn to get up and stand on his or her own, you can easily let your baby sleep or lie down awake in the bed as you do other work, or take rest yourself.
  • Easy to feed baby through the night without waking up fully: If you use a baby cot that can be attached to the bed you are sleeping in, you can easily take care of the night time feeds without having to wake up fully, or without making your baby too restless. When your baby sleeps near you safely in the baby cot, you will be able to hear your baby’s cries or stirring and immediately tend to your baby, without waiting for them to get all fussy and fully awake.

A baby cot can be used right from the time of birth till your baby can stand up.


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