Indoor Games to Play with Your Toddler


It’s summer time! while it’s also fun and games for the kids, as a parent you face the fear of your toddlers getting affected by the scorching heat, which is worrisome. As the summer holidays commence and the kids start repeating “I am bored,” here are some of our favorite indoor games that we as a family indulge in:

Our family’s favorite being Dumb Charades; which is a game that could be played at any given time. We started out by picking out birds and animals for him to enact, and then extended the difficulty level by asking my son to enact simple sentences like “I am very hungry” and “I need food”. This turned out to be so much fun. We later realised that playing this game improved the verbal expressions and also helped him to freely express his thoughts.

Another sit-down game we just adore is Jenga. This game has proven to be one of the best in improving mental and physical skills of a child. For some reason my son avoids playing this game, since his hyperactivity comes in the way. But after regular sessions we saw him channelizing his energy easily, which made him more balanced.

A few card games are also fun and it’s also one of our preferred choices. Card games like Uno or playing memory with a standard deck of cards can remove boredom on a boring summer/rainy day. This also enhances concentration in kids and also improves their memory.

My son’s personal favorite is solving puzzles. It is a great exercise to shape up a child’s creative and problem-solving skills. Start with 10-15 piece puzzles for toddlers whereas kids up to the age of 5-6 can be introduced to 50-60 piece puzzles. Keeps them busy for hours!

Besides enjoyment, fun, release of energy playing games also develops a child’s creativity, problem-solving skills, concentration, communication skills while improving their capacity to master new concepts. It instills the habit of sharing, taking turns, and playing a game by its written-down rules. Make sure you read out the rules to the children before starting.

So let me know what games you play with your children. For now, it’s Jenga time for us!!


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