Top 4 Things to Include in Your Summer Fun Calendar


I am sure, all of you have planned your kid’s summer vacations- enrolment in a 2 week summer camp with lots of art and craft activities, one or two weeks at nani-nana house, a week stay at the nearby hill station and then back to the grind of finishing the holiday homework just in time before schools reopen. Is that your summer itinerary? Now don’t worry mommies, I am in the same boat. But this summer I have customised our summer holiday schedule to something more pleasurable. Here goes:


**Learn**- Kids at an age of 2-5 are like sponges. They grasp easily, are inquisitive by nature and are quick learners. Use this to your advantage. Make them learn a new skill or a sport. Swimming is by far the best exercise kids can get in the summer. Try making them learn a musical instrument. Or have daily karaoke session at home singing your favourite songs. If you are lucky enough and have a third spoken language, besides English & Hindi, cultivate it by conversing in that language with your children. Cooking can also be a good way to give kids control of something important. Make them in-charge of salads and lemonade which is the easiest way of fireless cooking.

**Create**- Kids just love to cut and paste stuff. Create a photo journal. Help them pick out objects throughout the day, maybe a leaf, a pebble, a feather that they can paste in their diary. Have a dedicated time when they can talk about it. Provide them your childhood photograph while you were vacationing with your parents. Name the diary as “Summer of 2016” and let them revisit when they are older.

**Travel**- and not just to the hills. Yes, i know it is unbearable heat outside and you would avoid outdoor trips. But visit to places where they can explore the history of the city. Delhi National Rail Museum & Doll Museum (air conditioned by the way) are such places that your child will enjoy. A trip to the nearest water park also might be a good enjoyable experience.

**Write**- Most mothers will not agree to this as a fun activity. It’s so difficult to make them write. But tell them -write with water paints. Or a letter to their grandmother asking her how she is? Help them decorate their personal secret diary. This not only improves the handwriting but will also help them in expressing their feelings.

Summer time is the best time to bond with your kids. It is like unravelling a different side of your child’s personality every year. This is the time to harness a lot many skills like visual learning, fine tuning the gross/fine motor skills, teaching them about appropriate social behaviour etc. So revamp your summer schedule into something more fun yet structured and motivating for your children. Don’t forget to click pictures. After all we mothers need memories too. Happy Holidays!!


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