What is a Baby Gym

Baby Kick & Play Musical Piano Keyboard Gym Mat

A baby gym is a type of plastic or wood based toy that is shaped like an arch, and helps to create a specific play and development area for your baby to be in.

It has a variety of toys attached to it that dangle down so that your baby can reach out and grab them. The main aim of a baby gym is to improve your baby’s overall development by boosting the various sensors such as visual, sensory, auditory and so on, and also your baby’s motor as well as gross skills.

The arch on the baby gym can be either single or in a double criss-cross pattern. It will usually have different colours on it, as well as have the option of various sounds. Some very common features of a baby gym will involve the sense of sight, the sense of touch and the sense of hearing.

A baby gym will most likely come with a baby play mat, so that your baby can easily lie down on the back first, and later on the tummy, and play without getting hurt. Not all baby gyms come with a baby mat though.

In most cases, a baby gym is suitable right from the time a baby is born, and can go up to the time that your baby has learnt to sit up comfortably and can even stand up. A lot of baby gyms that come with a large age range and multiple function options can also be used till the time your baby is able to walk. These can even be converted into walking aids for your baby, so that your baby is more interested and curious to walk and play. A lot of the toys on the baby gym can be detached, which means that your baby can play with them even after he or she has overgrown the baby gym.

While a lot of baby gyms can be used right from birth, newborn babies are not able to focus well, and may not really react to the various toys, sounds and lights. The best age for you to start your baby to play in the baby gym is from the age of around five or six months.

The market is flooded with a wide variety of baby gyms, so you will have to be careful in choosing the one that is most suitable for your baby’s development.


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