Baby Stroller: Features to Keep in Mind before Buying a Stroller


Buying a stroller is one big and expensive purchase which makes new parents quite anxious. There are so many options available in the market, and that makes it quite difficult to select the right baby stroller. Here is the checklist one must consider before buying a stroller:

1. Budget

For every parent budget is a major factor to be considered. We will suggest you to stick to your budget and don’t get overwhelmed by the choices. For that, do some research before entering the shop so that you can buy a value-for-money product.

2. Purpose

Try to figure out where you will be taking it mostly. If you are into walking and running, a sturdier stroller will be required for all terrain, known as a joggers stroller. For a joggers stroller, the features of locking and adjusting wheels should also be considered, which will ensure your baby’s safety and comfort. Then there are umbrella strollers which can be kept in the back of the car and are easier to carry and fold but are less sturdy. If you are into travel, then an all-in-one system is the best, which allows you to use it as a car seat wherein your baby can rest safely and you can enjoy the drive.


3. Space

Leaving a home with a baby means carrying 2-3 bags of necessities, so you have to check a stroller with compartments. There are a few which come with a parent and baby cup holders, a basket under the seat, and storage spaces on the handle bar, which can be used to store baby food, groceries as well as shopping bags.

4. Weight

Heavy-weight strollers are not recommended, and generally umbrella strollers and lightweight all-purpose strollers weighing 8-15 pounds are good as they are easy to carry and use specially for mothers. With weight, you should also check how easily a stroller can be folded and handled alone by you.

5. Steering and adjustable handlebar

As a stroller will be used by both parents, it is recommended to have an adjustable handlebar which can be adjusted to the required height. You must check whether you are able to steer the stroller in and out easily in tight spaces as well.

6. Safety

A stroller must have straps to secure your baby's safely; hence a 5-point restraint with waist, crotch, and shoulder straps is recommended which will allow parents to relax keeping the baby’s safety in mind.

7. Test drive

Do take a test drive of a stroller, that to a fully loaded one. Most of the strollers when pushed empty will do fine, but soon as they are loaded with items, you will get to know its actual performance.

With these tips in mind, you must be ready for your first stroller purchase.


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