Work During Pregnancy

Work During Pregnancy

I am sure all of us remember the sweet moments when we discovered that we were pregnant and that a beautiful life was growing inside us. Yes, being pregnant is a wonderful feeling. Yet for those who are working, it is a difficult task. There are a few facts that can help pregnant, working women, handle the entire process and alleviate the inconvenience, to some extent.

  1. Most important- practise complete personal hygiene. You need to wash your hands regularly; it is essential for your baby’s well being and yours, too. It reduces the risk of infections.
  2. We all know the bouts of ‘morning sickness’ that we need to suffer. So, we need to try and decrease the nausea. We have to keep away from anything that can trigger the nausea. For e.g. the mere smell of garlic made me sick when I was pregnant.  Try to eat frequent, small meals. Keep some biscuits handy.
  3. You need to deal with tiredness. It is obvious, since your body is getting overworked. Moreover, when at work, you really cannot put your feet up and rest. A suggestion, include foods rich in protein and iron in your diet, for e.g. green, leafy vegetables, poultry and whole grains. Keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Remember to take breaks at work. You need to get up. Move around, stretch your legs; great for blood circulation.
  5. You have to handle your office chores independently. But girls, you definitely need help with housework.
  6. Continue to be physically active. Go for a walk in the outdoors, enjoy the beauty of nature, it will lift up your spirits. But remember to consult your gynaecologist before commencing any kind of exercise or strenuous activity.
  7. Stock on your sleep; atleast 8 hours of ‘shut eye’. Try to sleep on your left side as it increases blood flow to your baby.
  8. Always ensure that you are physically comfortable. Never cross your legs and sit. Try not to stand for long. Lifting heavy stuff is not advisable. Dress comfortably. Yes, the ‘sharp’ business suits and high heels need to be put away in the closet. ☺

If you can afford to, try and start your maternity leave early. It will help you rest and finish all important chores. Moreover, try not to work late, you need to take it slow and easy. You can discuss guidelines pertaining to maternity leave, with your co-workers, especially young mothers. They will definitely give you a clearer picture with regard to your queries, for instance, availability of flexible work timings and so on.

If your work involves travel, do consult your gynaecologist. Another extremely important fact, please remain stress free. Every problem has a solution, just relax.

My dear, soon-to-be mums, enjoy this phase, live every moment. Look after yourself and your baby. Yes, nothing is more important than your precious baby.

God Bless ☺


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