What Is a Travel System?


We all love to travel, whether it is a break from the regular chores to a nearby mall, weekend getaway or yearly family vacation. But for new parents, traveling means a long checklist. One of the important items on the list is a baby travel system.

Carrying your baby around all the time is not humanly possible. A good travel system offers new parents the much required mobility. A travel system ensures that your baby is safe while you are on the go. There are two main baby travel systems – car seat and stroller. You can choose any one or even both depending upon your requirements.

The Car Seat

The car seat is the first travel system you buy for your child to take them for their first ride from the hospital to home. There is a wide range of car seat options available in the market. But before you shortlist the car seat for your baby, look out for few essential features.

The car seat should fit properly in your car. An infant car seat should have a 5-point harness, wide and twist-free straps, two-piece chest clips, built-in locking clip, anti-rebound bars, a seat belt routing path, and head and side impact protection and recline adjustments.


Once your baby is six months old, they become ready for stroller rides. You can tuck in your baby and start walking, jogging, shopping and roaming around with ease. Stroller comes in all size and shapes – full-size stroller, multipurpose stroller, lightweight stroller, jogging stroller and all-terrain stroller (for hikers).

Instead of getting impressed by fancy features, first look out for the basic ones. The stroller should be light and sturdy. It should have a reclining seat in case your baby falls asleep. The wheels should be durable and ease to maneuver. The stroller's braking system should be good and easy to operate. It must have a comfortable and sturdy restraint system to safely fasten your baby. The canopy should be waterproof with a peek-a-boo window. The cart of the stroller should be a decent size to keep extra diapers or clothes or grocery items. Cup or bottle holders, bar clips, stroller blanket, mosquito netting, etc. are accessories you can get fixed depending on your usage and the place you live.

If you do not want to invest in two travel systems, you can opt for strollers that can be converted into a car seat.

New parents like to snuggle and carry their baby in baby carriers. Trust us, a good travel system is a must. The sooner you introduce and accustom your baby to the travel system, the better it is. Once your child grows, you would definitely need a little mobility.


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