MumpaActivity : Understanding Colours


Life is full of colours and we can use everyday things around us to help little ones understand the concept of colour.

For this activity you will need:

Colour pencils/crayons and everyday objects of the colour that you are helping your child learn

Age: 1.5 Yr +

Activity Duration: 15 mins

You can explain colour red to your child with red crayons, a red apples and red blocks. Show the crayon to your child, make the child scribble with the crayon on paper.

Now show her the apple and discuss the similarity in the colour of the crayon and the apple. You can use more red objects available in the room to reinforce the concept of colour red.

Now, you can ask the child to pick up a red toy (like a block) for you from an assortment.

After the child successfully understands one colour, you can repeat the activity with other colours.

Skills learnt: Concept of colour

Happy learning at home


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