10 products that you need to buy for your newborn


Shopping for your newborn is as nerve-racking as it is exciting. You want to buy everything best to make your baby comfortable in the new world. The tension of missing any important baby care product is always on your mind.

To help you out, we have jotted down 10 baby care product which are a must-have in your newborn’s bag.

  1. Comfortable Clothes: When you are out for your kid's shopping, buy clothes which will keep your baby comfortable. Preferably choose clothes which open from the front and has a wide head opening. Your bag should have onesies, rompers, undershirts, pajamas, sweaters, socks and mittens.
  1. Crib: Your baby will be sleeping most of the time during the first few months so investing in a crib will make your life easy. You do not have to worry about your baby’s fall if you make them sleep in a crib. The crib will also make your baby ready for solo sleeping.
  1. Bedding: Buy mattresses made up of foam or natural fibre which fits your crib cozily. Your baby's bedding should include washable mattress, fitted crib sheets, blankets, side cushions, and a soft pillow.
  1. Bath tub: Your newborn really needs to be comfortable and well supported while you give them a bath. Whatever shape or size you choose for the bath tub, make sure that it is BPA free.
  1. Diaper: You can opt for either cloth or disposable diapers or nappies. Do not stock too many diapers as your baby will outgrow them. Also always keep a diaper rash cream in your bag when traveling with your kid.
  1. Bathing products: Choose non-toxic baby bathing products. Use lukewarm water while bathing your baby. If your baby is not dirty, you can just wipe them using lukewarm water.
  1. Baby car seat: This is a must-have item for the safety of your baby. The car seat will also ensure comfort of your baby on bumpy rides.
  1. Grooming kit: You would think why a grooming kit for your infant! But to keep your baby healthy, you need to groom them. The grooming kit should include a comb, oil clipper, petroleum jelly, baby powder and a first-aid kit.
  1. Nappy bag: You will require a nappy bag while you travel. It includes diaper, changing mat, extra clothes, wipes, face towel and rash cream.
  1. Breast pump: In the beginning your baby will not be able to consume the milk produced by you. So you will need to pump the extra milk out. It will also help your baby to adapt to the bottle easily.

Enjoy shopping baby care products for your newborn and do not forget to buy sweets for the guests who will visit to bless your newborn.


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