Difference between pram and stroller

The main differences between a pram and stroller

Prams and strollers are baby products that parents find useful right from the time the baby is born and continue to use it for a reasonable amount of time, that is a few years atleast! Although many times prams and strollers as names for a baby product are used interchangeably, they traditionally were very different from each other both on use or purpose and in design.
The biggest difference between a pram and stroller is the lying down versus sit up right functionality.

A pram is essentially a flat bed on wheels in which you can lay down a small baby and take them outside the house without the hassle of carrying them around especially when they are asleep.

Whereas a stroller is a push chair (sometimes called a buggy) which allows the baby to sit in an upright position, allowing them to look around and explore the world! Imagine a baby chair on wheels.

The lying down feature of a pram is particularly useful when the baby is 0-4 months and cannot sit upright.
Once the baby starts to crawl or manages to sit upright they enjoy the stroller more, especially on any outside home sojourn!

Having said that, now a days most pram and stroller manufacturing companies manufacture a hybrid product, that is a baby travel product that can be used both as a pram and a stroller with the recline back functionality.

Imagine the back of a chair with a reclining function! Yes! That’s it! You can buy a stroller with a flat or near flat back reclining function which allows you to either let the baby sleep in it and use it as a pram or let the baby sit upright for outdoor strolls! 

If the product is not a hybrid product (pram cum stroller) then prams and strollers are both different in many aspects. Although you use both pram and stroller to carry your baby around, there are some differences. We have called out the big differences between pram and stroller here: 

  1. Design: A pram is designed for newborn babies who can sleep or just lie down in it whereas a stroller is designed for slightly older babies. When your baby gets older, he/she can sit with a steady neck in a stroller that can absorb minor jerks easily.
  2. Safety: Harness and safety belts are absent in prams, so it can be risky if unsupervised. Whereas in a stroller you will find both harness and safety belt. You should opt for a stroller which has a 5-point harness.


  1. Weight: Prams are usually heavy and bulky and not easily portable. On the contrary, strollers are lightweight, foldable and easy to carry around. Strollers are easy to carry in public transport too.
  1. Chair: The chair in the pram is higher from the ground whereas in a stroller, the chair is closer to the ground.
  1. Synonyms: A pram is an abbreviation for perambulator. Prams are also addressed as baby carriage. Strollers are known as pushchair or buggy.
  1. Appearance: Pram has a look of a carriage on wheels while a stroller looks like a chair on wheels.
  1. Cost: As stroller gives you more features, so they are costlier than prams.

One cannot state that a pram is better than a stroller or vice-versa. Both have their own pros and cons. You just have to select a travel system best suited to your requirements.  

There are hybrid prams and strollers available in the market, which have a combination of both pram and stroller. These hybrid models are a better option since they are designed keeping in mind the comfort of your baby at different stages of their growth.

“Just buy what you prefer and enjoy the walks and talks and outdoor adventures with your nipper”


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