Benefits of a bottle steriliser

Benefits of a bottle steriliser

Your baby’s immune system is not fully developed and as a result, your baby is more at risk of catching an infection. In addition, your baby can also easily catch any illness, especially during the first year of birth.

If you do not sterilize the milk bottles or nipples properly, it could turn into a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, parasites and other germs that quickly start gathering on to the surface. As a result, your baby can come in direct contact and catch an infection. This could lead to various health concerns such as stomach upset, rashes, fever, vomiting or even a case of mild thrush.

A sterilizer will always follow a proper time and heat check, which will make it more effective to kill out the germs and make the bottle and its parts absolutely safe and clean for your little one. When you boil the bottles in water, you can often miss the exact boiling point and keep boiling the water as well as the bottles and the equipment for longer or at a higher temperature than is suitable. This can cause damage to the bottles, as well as to the nipples, which can often become unsuitable for further use.

Even if you are able to calculate the exact boiling point and so on, constantly boiling the bottle and its parts can cause damage particularly to the teat.

Depending on what type of bottle sterilizer you choose to go for, you can complete the entire process within six to 15 minutes. Also, you can be assured about the temperature and the time checks and this means that there will be no damage to the product.

In addition, sterilizing by hand requires a lot of things and creates a mess, which is absent with a sterilizer.


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